This drawing was more for fun then anything else. I used marker and Prismacolor, then scanned it and used Photoshop for the background as an entertaining way to play with the brushes. I had a lot of fun with this idea.

This one is part of a group, the 7 deadly sins, with my own unique spin. Taking Greed out, there is a more to her picture, I placed her into Photoshop. Unlike my bunny however, she was fully digitally colored. I was rather pleased with the over all outcome of this picture.

This Character is based off of one of my stories I have written. I drew her a while back, but wanted to color her in a unique way, which I finally found with Illustrator. She became the first outlet and turn to most of my work going through illustrator. I also had fun learning and creating the steam-punk feel. This was the first time I really pushed my coloring and used new techniques in Illustrator.

(School Project) The idea was to create a new mascot, for the non-mascot school. I really enjoyed the idea of a smart panda bear that could do anything with her imagination, which I thought fit an art school rather well. I wanted something different that could appeal to the younger market, yet wouldn’t block out the older market. Something fun, cute and a little sexy. Her message: (“Can’t” is a bad word. Believed in yourself and let your imagination go! On those wings, you can go anywhere.)
This project was colored in Illustrator, after hand drawing, as with all my characters.