This was a fun Illustrator assignment. The idea was we took an existing product of today to sell to a client in the past. The ad had to have the feel of something you may see back then even if they had similar art style or printing of today. The finishing touch to this ad was the fact that you would cut out the paper so it looked like cut parchment on a scroll. I had a lot of fun with this and since I love the old Greek stories of Gods and hero’s, my first and funniest idea I could think of was Aphrodite selling Trojan Condoms to her people.

The idea for this project: The restaurant Medieval Times are coming to Seattle and need a new menu and look for the new area. This was my front cover and back-cover idea. I wanted the customers to know who and what the restaurant Medieval Times was with only a glace. This was also a cleaver way to have a take home gift that passed as advertising for the company.

(Part Two: The Inside) Like the cover, the art was done in Illustrator, the layout was Indesign. The project was to educate the patrons about Medieval Times like the weapons, knights, lore, etc., since the menu only had one type of meal. Well, two if you count a vegetarian meal. So, the customers now had a nice souvenir, but they also had something that was educational and may entice others to Medieval Times if they saw this at ones home. I think I did a good job of delivering their wants and information while bringing in some of the fun and feel of this romanticized era.